I started this blog for access to CTH, the BEST site on the interwebs!


3 thoughts on “Howdy!

  1. doubledenvy

    A couple months ago , I jokingly replied to a post initiated by a Stella (come to find out “A Legend In Her Own Mind” , when she stated that and defended Rush Limbaugh as not being biased or anti Trump with Limbaughs touting that “Marco Rubio was A Full Throated Conservative” and Ted Cruz was ” The Only Constitutional Conservative” (whatever that is supposed to mean), and she could not believe that Rush Limbaugh was biased at all. She railed against me with , “Who are you , do I know you?” , I replied no you don’t know me Mr. Snerdley. Long story short , she railed against me , and I just never posted there again, No love lost , but I do enjoy seeing like minded people’s posts , makes me feel I am not the only one that recognizes propaganda when I see it 24/7 . There are Sheep and then there are Sheepdogs , I fall in the latter class , and let the Stella’s bleat.

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    1. skipper1961 Post author

      I appreciate the interest and recognition, but my schedule as a free-lance entertainment rigger, keeps me pretty busy. I really did create this blog so that I could post at . Sundance is/has been a Godsend. Maybe someday (after 8 years of us Making America Great Again), I will finally slow down enough to take the time to post photos from my career (many celebrities), and some amusing anecdotes, from my travels. I believe that President Trump will keep his word, and not touch our Soc. Sec., which would help me even entertain the idea of retirement.
      Again, thanks for the visit.
      P.S. On the note of literacy, the snowflakes would probably shriek in horror, to learn that I ONLY have my G.E.D.!! I’m happy to accept the moniker “under-educated deplorable”. I say bring back the emphasis on TRADE SCHOOLS!!!!

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